Benton BX1 Pro Battery Charger

Benton BX1 Pro Battery Charger

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    The Benton BX-1 (Pro)is a unique switch mode battery charger and maintainer for lead-acid batteries which through its 5 step process automatically diagnoses, recovers and charges car, bike, quadbike and even boat batteries for months on end at near 100% of original capacity.The Benton BX-1 (Pro) battery charger is designed to be fully automatic and electronically safe against any type of user errors. So no more risk of overcharging or damaging your battery through incorrect charge loads or overheating, it will even charge your battery in sub-zero conditions! It is suitable for use on various types of lead-acid batteries including wet/flooded (Liquid electrolyte), Gel, AGM Type and sealed acid batteries. What makes the Benton BX-1 (Pro)battery charger so unique is its ability to automatically diagnose and rescue drained batteries; it can even recover slightly sulphated batteries. It also features low back current drain and low ripple functionality.



    Extra Lug and Loom -Bx1Includes lug and loom & crocodile clampDC cord with deluxe clips and connector for BX2

    Voltage - 12V Current Amp - 0.8/3.8A.  Battery Capacity - 12-120 IP Protection - IP65 - Indoor.  Rescues drained Batteries over 3.0V. Returns to last selected Mode when restarted. Charges WET/Flooded, GEL, AGM type Lead Acid Rechargeable Batteries.  Fully automatic from Charge to Maintenance.  Dimensions 172x62x42mm.

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