Benton battery charger

Benton battery charger

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    For cars and trucks
    Built in 5 amp power supply (13.6v)
    Using state of the art technology, the Benton BX2 battery Charger with 7 steps enables the re-charging of Batteries to almost 100% of their original capacity. The BX-2 Charger automatically diagnoses, recovers, charges and maintains batteries for months, fully automatic operation from Charge to Maintenance modes. Six operations options are available - 28.8V, 29.4V, 14.4V, 14.7V, 13.6V Supply and 16V Boost. All major starter battery manufacturers recommend to keep your battery fully charged during idle period. 
    It is also a power supply with maximum capacity of 13.6 V/ 5A. (price of standalone 3-5 amp power supply unit is about R500)
    It recovers slightly sulphated batteries.
    It diagnoses and rescues drained batteries.
    It provides Trickle Charge and Maintenance Charging which increases Battery life/
    The BX-2 Charger 7-Step Fully Automatic Charger provides six output options to meet numerous requirements as listed in the table below as well as a 13.6v DC Supply and 16v Boost.
    It features a 10-Stage charging strategy, i.e. Pulse Charge, 7A, 5A, 3.5A, 1.5A 200mA, Boost Charge, Maintenance & Power Supply.
    The Benton bx2 battery charger also has a Memory Function. The Charger returns to the last selected Mode automatically when power is restored. (This function is disabled for 13.6v SUPPLY and 16v BOOST modes).



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    Hi Nina, I received my charger last week Friday. Just want to thank you for the great service as normal. Regards, Grant Davidson

    Received my charger in good condition today, it's working fine. Thank you very much for the prompt delivery and discount. Dave

    I would like to express my appreciation for the professional way in which you handled my online order for a Benton BX-2 battery charger. I was informed of the status of my order along every step of the way, which was delivered in record time to my house, neatly wrapped and protected. I was especially impressed that you went trough the trouble to even include a 2 to 3 pin adaptor, adding that extra touch. Shopping with you has been a pleasant eye opening experience, and I would recommend it to anyone that needs my opinion. Keep up the excellent work! Frank Searle Senior Analyst/Designer - Eskom
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