About Us

Having been in the two way radio Industry for 40 years, and needing a communications solution for his newly acquired motorbike , Rod Venables, began his search.

The product he initially found, the Supermoto from Interphone was the beginning of BIKE2BIKE. His daughter Janet now runs the business and continue to sell bluetooth and wireless two way radio solutions for motorbikes as well
battery chargers, the GO PRO action cameras, tyre pressure monitors and other useful accessories for bikers.

Whether you are a first time buyer looking for a motorbike headset intercom system you already own and use, and are now looking for a new or second bike intercom system; or you are looking for a bike-to-bike intercom system that allows you to communicate with large groups of riders, then you have come to the right place, Bike2Bike is your solution.

Specifically designed and created for reliable, hands-free and clear motorbike communication while riding; the Interphone F3, Interphone F4 and Interphone F5 range from Interphone, truly are the ultimate Bluetooth enabled bike intercom headset intercom systems for motorbikes today.

Newer on the market but slowly becoming a firm favourite are the SENA headsets. SENA are leaders in industrial Bluetooth technology and their commercial headsets, the SENA SMH10, SENA SMH5 and newly launched SMH10R are changing the future of bike communications with their forward thinking and reliable products.

The Bluetooth enabled motorbike headset intercom system allows you effectively to accomplish the following functions while riding:

  • Talk between two people on the same bike (rider to passenger)
  • Talk between two bikes (bike to bike/rider to rider)
  • Talk between many bikes (bike to group)

We often get asked what’s the best blue tooth headset you have?

We sell the full range of Bluetooth headsets available in SA so are easily able to answer that question.  It all depends on what your specific needs are and what your budget is? We have communications options ranging from R800 upwards.  We will always first find out what you need (Music? Cellphone? Rider 2 passenger? Bike2bike? 4 people to talk etc ) and then, what you want to spend and then advise accordingly.  

Please contact us for any queries and questions you may have, we are always happy to help.