Motorbike headsets

Experience the ultimate hands-free experience that Bluetooth wireless headset motorcycle intercom systems has to offer. Specifically designed for riders and passengers who wish to have safe, reliable and clear wireless motorcycle intercom communication while riding. 
Please note - The ONLY GPS that has both bluetooth functionality for a telephone AND a headset is the ZUMO 590 and the TOM TOM Rider, which we do sell.  NUVI units and other bluetooth GPS units do not allow pairing with a bluetooth headset ONY a telephone, its the GPS which does not allow this, not the Bluetooth headset.  It would be great if Garmin would do something about it as its just a software update.

If you are not sure which headset is best for you -email and we can help you make the best choice according to your needs and budget.

Whether you are a couple, two bikes or a group of motorbike riders looking for a motorcycle helmet intercom communication system that is easy to install, set up and suitable for cell phone to helmet, rider 2 passenger, bike to bike or bike to group communication; we have what you need. 

Equipped with a range of hi-tech features, suitable for virtually all types of motorcycle helmets and cell phones, you can now comfortably and securely answer your Cell phone or communicate leisurely to other riders whilst on the road.

Driving a motorbike and operating electronic devices is extremely dangerous. Please make sure you have read the manual and are 100% sure how everything works before using them on your bike.